Person 1: "Dude, I just saw a guy with a skullet driving an El Camino with three spare tires!"
Person 2: "PERF"
by Cletis October 22, 2003
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Short form of the word "perfect"
- "I'll come by at 8pm for the party"
- "Perf."
by thelinguist September 10, 2007
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shortened version of "perfect" which is mainly used by young girls who enjoy sounding like Valley Girls.
Jillian: Today I made out with Bill and Larry.
Chloe: OMG, that is so perf!
by jillybean36 August 19, 2009
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1: short for perfect

2: a term that a terf would use to make her seem like less of a transphobe. in this case meaning penis-exclusionary radical feminist.

girl: OMG! look at Kyle he’s sooooo perf
girl 2: IKR!?

person: uh disgusting terfs.
feminist: excuse me!!! im a perf you asshole!
by stvpid April 25, 2018
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shorter word for "perfect" when you're too lazy to add the rest of the word
hey katy, your smile is perf!
by mbaKK March 1, 2010
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perf, short for perfect. Excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement.
by JHGDHK February 28, 2011
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Short form of the word 'performance'. Usually used in online foraa by members who have so much to post in so little time that they couldn't be arsed to write the whole word out.

Also used as a short form for 'perfume'.
John was so negative all the time that he just couldn't perf in bed.

Man this thread stinks. Pass the perf.
by bangali_khota April 5, 2009
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