A finalization between two gentlemen's agreement. usually to do with a wager or bet. era:~1800's~
first man:is it a deal?
second man:done!
first man:done!
third man:done and done between two gentlemen is enough
by jaems f. December 23, 2006
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a phrase used to accept a request or deal; a slang term meaning "consider it done"
You want me to trade my Pinto for your Hummer? Done and done!
by Celeste March 04, 2004
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a phrase to say when one has finished something that was so involved that it is as though one has done it twice
Howard: How's that plagiarized english paper coming along?
Joey: Done and done.
by Timato Five March 02, 2004
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a cool way to agree with someone or to close out a deal.
Rockville: I just got out of the shower. Wish you were here to dry me off.

MAUER: Done and done
by ZAIDERAID July 21, 2008
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One last round of drinks before calling it quits.
Hey guys, goin' have to call this one the done done. I got a big game tonight.

Sure Jaret.

See also: final final
by Sam Jay December 10, 2008
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She already did what she had to do.
RuPaul says it on the RuPaul's Drag Race. Ru says it on the tv "she done already done had herses" and then she gives the players a little hint about the today's mini challange.
by Dave4u March 16, 2017
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