A person who likes to do the same things year after year.
I set up a “LOVE YA TABLE” in my kitchen on Valentine’s Day. I plant my annual flowers and vegetables in the spring. I decorate my house for Halloween. I carve a pumpkin and give out yummy treats. In November, I put my garden to bed for the winter. Then I ski as much as I can all winter, right into April. I have a perennial personality as I do the same thing year after year after year.
by suzgirl May 30, 2017
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The Perennial Blast is the name given to a bowling stike where the ball hits 5 pins, specifically the 1,3,5,8, and 9 pins by itself for a right hander (the 1,2,5,8,and 9 for a left hander). The result is the complete and utter destruction of the pin deck. It is a feat so awesome the sound can be heard from outside the bowling establishment in and or beyond the parking lot. Perennial blast strikes are often registered on the richter scale.
(Joe) "WHOA! What da hell was dat sound!! We're at the bowling alley under attack!!" "I thought the war was over." (Mike) "Chill cuz. Dude struck again." (Joe) "Damn!" (Mike) "I know, it was just perennial blast!"
by Blastaar January 10, 2012
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Perennial losers are people who suck basically all the time. They don't realize they suck because they often delude themselves by clinging to some distant past event to justify their existence.
Dodger fan: "I'm cool because we won all these world series way back in the day." Reality: You're payroll equals the rest of your division combined and you can't even win that consitently. You are a perennial loser.
by makwu April 21, 2010
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Someone who's an unrelenting, year-round dumbass. (See also deciduous dumbass.)
"Yeah, she just consistently makes the most moronic decisions, she's a perennial dumbass."
by Honeydew Melon Hater June 10, 2022
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A swift, devastating blow to the small area which bridges the balls and the anus
In retaliation for Toby's dishonesty, I served him a perennial assault that nearly removed his prostate
by Silky Cohen February 8, 2017
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An album by the band Squirrel Nut Zippers, an ex-punk now jazz band popular during the 90’s, full of very strange songs and sexual innuendo in it (I.E. Trou Macacq and That Fascinating Thing, respectively.)
On the subject of Perennial Favorites:
John: Did you listen to The Kraken?
Jane: Yeah, I thought I was tripping for a while.
John: You weren’t?
Jane: I plead the fifth...
by Arbophilia August 6, 2018
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