The only correct spelling of the common abbreviation of the plural term "people"; i.e., peoples; i.e., peops (phonetically "peeps"). The literal spelling of "peops" as "peeps" is an abomination, promulgated by those peops with an insatiable appetite for marshmallow treats.
My erudite peops abhor those luddites that prefer the spelling "peeps".
by Erik To the Eze January 1, 2010
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an utterly ridiculous attempt at spelling 'peeps'. Users of this spelling need to repeat every grade they've attended thus far. Then be stripped of their computers pending investigation into their IQ.
Jeff: Hey I like this forum, but I want to reach through the monitor and strangle these idiots who say 'peops'
Maureen: Shut up and come to bed. Jingo's waiting.
by jingerotomy March 28, 2008
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These are people who are very conceited and lie all the time. They are not loyal
Ugh she is an April peopS
by TruthfulWordsAndPhrases October 19, 2019
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Man #1: What is "black peope"?
Man #2: I don't know but, you got this answer because you don't know how to spell.
by Blaccmann February 28, 2018
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It is the mixture of diarrhea/poop and pee mixed together if you ever have it DO NOT SMELL IT *Not Delightful*
by fhudhkaehmhwdbs November 18, 2018
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A bouncy ball that has been gnawed at by an unsupervised 3rd grader, If you get your hands on these they are always filled with bite and scratch marks.
My son made a Peope! I shouldn't have got it for him..
by senterium February 23, 2022
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