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The two things thing that people of all gender can reproduce.

There are many types of poop and pee . Depending on how your body reacts, they can become un-normal. For example, if you have food poisoning, or had too much Mexican, your poop with most likely come out liquid and green. Formally known as diarrhea.
If you have some sort of infection, your pee might come out with a sting, but it is very rare for it to look un-normal.

Where to find poop and pee?
Usually in public bathroom stalls is the best place. You will easily be able to tell if someone is pooping or peeing from the sound coming from the stall. You may hear lots of farting if one is pooping.
Friend: Hey, did you hear about that movie last night?
Friend2: Hold on, gotta go poop on your toilet.

Friend: Did you like that horror movie we saw last night.
Friend2: Yeah, except when I got pee all over my pants at that screamo!

Friend2: Sorry about getting poop and pee all over your moms thong!
by Two things people produce June 01, 2018
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