Someone who has been scheduled for a fuck.
"You busy tonight?"

"Yeah sorry. I've penciled in Kristin for an hour before work."

"Cool. That chick is a total freak."

"Yup, yup."
by pH Balance January 24, 2008
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1. Male that comes into chat as *number.number inches* and loves all the ladies. He's also known to only say 1 or 2 words to most of them before trying to get them in bed and bang them!

2. He's also a sweet guy who doesn't always think with his pencil! Takes the time to chill out and breathe and help you with your problems rather it's about sex or not!
Pencil: :o Heyy!!
Lady 1: Hello.
Lady 2: Hey Pencil..
Pencil: Okay, Now let's have sex.

*What happens in the PC stays in the PC..*

by This is bullshit! January 16, 2009
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A dude that goes into a chat under
*number.numer*inches and loves all the ladies. He's only known to say 1 or 2 words to them before trying to jump them in bed and bang them!

On other hand he does take time to chill and breathe while helping others rather their problem is about sex or not! ;) haha. This is lame I know!
Pencil: Hi.
Lady 1: Hello!
Lady 2: Heyy!
Pencil: Ok, Now let's have sex.
by This Is Bullshit. January 16, 2009
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Tentatively scheduled or tentatively planned. Sometimes used to give the appearance of wanting to meet when no such desire exists.
Ok John, I've got you pencilled in for two o'clock on Thursday unless something comes up.
by Way Cool Rich May 3, 2007
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When you have an itch in the tip of your urethra, and itch it with a pencil.
Dude, i had my circumcision yesterday. I was penciling my dick all night.
by Robert Theodore Bush-Arias February 18, 2019
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Pointing your pencil at a girl during class to declare your love for her.

The tip of your pencil (the part you write with) should be pointed at the girl you have a crush on so she can know you like her without you getting too embarrassed to go up and talk to her.
James: Yo why are you penciling Hannah? Do you have a crush on her?
Derek: Man I thought you already knew.
Hannah: Derek you like me? Meet me after school.
by Doctor Thea January 2, 2019
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