A company that's getting rich off the gym closures.
Peloton isn't losing any money since the gyms started closing.
by Solid Mantis March 16, 2020
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Its a little suspect when everyone else is losing money but you and just a few others.
Peloton doesn't seem to have the same worries other companies claim to have at this time, they think they're a beacon of courageous leadership, hope, heroic acts, and optimism in a time of need with all the money they're making.
by Solid Mantis March 16, 2020
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A company that has convinced people to buy more of the shit they don't really need, just like the hand sanitizer companies have lately. Stupidity is more contagious than a disease.
As long as people keep allowing themselves to freak out and think they need something, or that they need to do something they don't need to do, companies like Peloton will get rich and their won't be any other options to Peloton (like going to the gym). Going to the gym has been taken from people now until they retake the gyms they paid for memberships to, because they allowed it to happen.
by Solid Mantis March 16, 2020
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I believe that peloton means the main pack of riders. In a race you would have the superhuman leaders out in front, then the rest would be grouped together in the peloton.

The definition at dictionary.com says that it is a small military group, or platoon.

It comes from the french word for "small pellet".

Someone please correct or elaborate if necessary.
Lance Armstrong was far ahead of his team, most of whom were in the peloton.
by Jimbo July 20, 2004
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A spouse that buys expensive gifts that will actually benefit themself more.
I bought my wife the scarf she asked for for Christmas because I didn't want to be a peloton husband.
by siri alexa December 09, 2019
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The type of person who sits down and watches everyday of the Tour de France and gets really excited about it. They tend to hate the English cyclists. They get really into the Spanish ones for some reason, cos that's the proper way of doing it. They get really into American alt country for some reaso
The peloton liberal got a flat tyre in Ongar. He went home early from his Sunday ride to listen to the 5 billboards soundtrack on vinyl and read about Tom Watson's remarkable weight loss in his favourite broadsheet.
by RodneyPop October 27, 2018
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An individual who will never excel or stand out from the crowd. A follower who will always be led by world around him.

Derived from the Tour de France.
You'll always be second best, you "peloton rider."
by Ree July 21, 2005
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