A unit of 30-40 soldiers, usually commanded by a lieutenant asisted by an NCO. A platoon is formed by at least two sections or squads (usually 3 or 4) and is smaller than a company. Typically, there are 3-4 platoons in a company. Most platoons are infantry platoons; some carry other designations such as mortar or heavy weapons platoons. A platoon is the smallest military unit led by a commissioned officer

Also a very kick ass movie from Oliver Stone that won Best Picture for 1986.
In the British Army, a platoon is led by a lieutenant or second lieutenant.
It's the same in the Canadian Forces and the U.S. Army.
by Adrian July 01, 2006
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when you got so many people in your squad its so big its became a whole army.
shit man i wouldn't fuck with that platoon, they got like 40 naggas
by thatwhitedude February 19, 2015
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term which best describes the asexual relationship between a male and female in the military.....
The relationship between the female marine and the male marine was strictly platoonic....
by sheila in the car June 30, 2011
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To be so drunk that the next morning you will most certainly wake up feeling;

a) with no idea of your whereabouts

b) as if you've just been in a Napalm attack.
"Look at Burty go, he's getting Platooned tonight"
"Yeah, he'll definitely be waking up in Vietnam tomorrow".
by kramssor April 21, 2009
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It's the name of a movie made by 'Oliver Stone' in 1986. I would say, it's a fine piece of art. Rated 8.1 stars on IMDb, which i would call underrated.
Example 1: Platoon is a fucking great movie. Don't you fucking agree? (Idiot, don't question that)

Example 2: If you don't know the movie Platoon you can go fuck yourself. (Genius)

Example 3: You ask me what Platoon means as a word? Dude, it's a name of a movie end of story. (Moron)
by klimzo February 12, 2018
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Mad cool group of Mullica skaters. Don't need to have good looks with all their skateboarding talent.
The Platoon did a kick ass demo yesterday.
I wish I was on the platoon so I could skate with Kevin Dodimead and Jereme Lentz!
by K-Dizzle February 26, 2004
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When there is a majority of women in a group as opposed to a sausage fest
Straight guy: I love poon platoons!

Lesbian: Me too!
by me_gusta_ducharte February 05, 2010
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