Your crew, your friends, your homies, your posse.
I didn't get to see you 'cause I was wit my peeps last night.
by GuidoPosse69 March 1, 2005
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1) small marshmellows in the shape of bunnies or ducks.

2) the ignorants persons way to say people.
1) served around easter, given out in little boxes, you've all seen them

2).... I can't bear to even use peeps in a sentence when refering to people.
by brandi December 15, 2003
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"In the night watch we prefer the term parasite positives or peeps for short."
by Bella Sterling April 2, 2009
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ridiculous terminology for "people"

see suicidal vocabulary
James: Hey, I'm jus going to chill with my peeps You say what? Do you wanna get a smack in your mouth. There's human beings around us that just heard you say that and I'm associated with you. I ever hear you say that in my presence again its all over I SWEAR DOWN. "peeps" ! you fucking cunt

James: You've shown me the error of my ways and my life threatening choice of words. I can only apologize so much.
by Willis McGee July 26, 2006
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When you have to urinate very badly, but only a little drop comes out.
Man, I really thought I had to go... But it was just a peep.
by Mikalex April 18, 2006
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a small marsmallow candy covered in colored sugar and eaten in mass quantities by nerdfighters kurt, john green, and hank green (who are made of awesome)
john green proffesses that no one can eat more than twelve and a half peeps in one sitting.
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1) Newly-hatched chickens, hence the name of the shaped marshmallow Easter candy.
2) The sounds made by baby chickens.
3) Secretly watches, usually for sexual thrill.
1) I can't wait for these peeps to grow up so I can eat them.
2) That incessant peeping is getting on my nerves!
3) The way Tom peeps at his neighbor's voluptuous young daughter is revolting.
by Alice N. Paine April 12, 2007
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