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Noun; Pee-duhb

Originating in the rural South African desert, Pdub was the head dictator of the Yamaka tribe. In more recent times, this title is only granted to the highest ranking individual of a given community. An individual with the primary goal of total and complete power over all who gaze into his/her eyes. A born leader with a passion for anti communism.

Also a possible substitute for applicable Chuck Norris jokes.
"Dude, get on your knees and bow, its Pdub"
"Our omniscient ruler!"
by Senorita Fisher May 12, 2010
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A short way of calling a guy "Pussy-Whipped" (as in PW) where in said guy is under constant rules and regulations set down by a female. In many cases the male party feels that if he does not go by the female's rules, he will never get any "action." by action i mean sex...
by JakeRead August 12, 2006
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Meme originated in Reddit. Process to cash real money out of social network points:

1. Create usnername with ridiculous connotation.

2. Naturally attract popularity to oneself through said use of nick.

3. Have people mistake popularity with trustworthiness.

4. Have people give you money bases on your popularity and then complain and attract even more attention to money rally when they go see what all the complaining was about.

OMG! I_RAPE_CATS totally pulled a P-Dub in Reddit today...
by Phoeeebos April 01, 2011
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Slang for PW, meaning pitching wedge. High angled club used in golf for short chips or in bunkers.
Damn, in the sand. Caddy, will you hand me my P-dub?
by Satchmo II February 03, 2005
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p-dub is short for P-W, short for Pek-Wek, which is slang for the word 'Paki' - the politically incorrect term that is overused in society to describe brown people (Pakistani, Indian, etc) by the culturally insenstive and ignorant.

The shortened 'p-dub' is considered more descriptive that derogatory, and is used regularly within the Canadian p-dub community as a term of endearment.
Ramjeet says, "I feel more comfortable living in a community with more p-dubs. It helps me feel more at home"
Buljinder says, "Sup p-dub? comin by to watch the game tonight?"
by Hardeep Flek Ricci September 19, 2006
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A ridiculously smart, athletic, sexy girl who gets along with everyone no matter what race.
Sam: yo check out P dubs
Anthony: yea she's banggin.....p dubs i love you!
by jaquena April 19, 2008
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