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Similar to "peace" or "peace out" taken from the hand siginal that means "peace"
by Brent N. July 27, 2003
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holding two fingers up in the gesture of the "peace" sign
On the way out of the door, he threw those dueces up and said, "I'll check you all later."
by Joy OBidike December 15, 2003
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1. a shit
2. an exlamation
i just dropped a duece

what the duece is going on here?
by The Face Man April 25, 2004
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Word invented by urban internet using morons who don't know how to spell "deuces".
Those retards spelled it "dueces", hahahaha.
by John C. Holmes September 26, 2007
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2 Like in duece-duece which is a 22 or a gun
i pulled out my duece-duece and poped a cap in his ass
by Maurice January 17, 2003
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