a Traditional cap worn by Jewish people.
hey atomic , whats that yamaka doing on your head, your not jewish.
by atømic October 6, 2006
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Chad: Yo man how was your night last night?

Tyler: It was pretty sick man I got some mad Yamaka from this girl Rachel I met at the club. She didn't even care that I wasn't circumcized!
Chad: Sounds awesome brah
by Ben Dover Derrick Zass July 12, 2011
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Look at that kid being ghetto. Only he would wear his yamaka backwards.
by Adolf Hacker March 1, 2010
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Can you believe them Jew call they Jew Hats yamaka?
by Guy300000 April 1, 2016
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A type of balding that resembles a jewish rabi's hat.
Did jewreally just try me? I'll straight slap you in yo yamaka, have you tasting them bitter herbs while takin that dirt nap.
by Hard to say November 4, 2018
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The way idiots pronounce the word "yarmulke". Its proper pronunciation is /yar.məl.kə/, with both the r and the l audible.
Person 1: Check out my yamaka.

Person 2: WRONG!
by CameronGTW June 15, 2009
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Tool used to prevent burning yourself when putting things in an over. Similar to an oven-mit.
Want to wear my yamaka?
by Ryan=pro June 19, 2005
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