A humble man scorned from loving the right people at the wrong time. After the first time you meet him how could you not fall in love. He can hide his love so well but if one ever tells you 'i love you' don't ever, EVER, EVERRR let him go. He will show you all the things about you that you never thought were cool and will fuck you so well. Is such a perfect human but they don't even see how much love everyone has for them. They are strong, nurturing, kind, sweet, adventurous, loyal, fun, experimental, smart, dog-lovers, have the best hair, beautiful brown eyes, and with one touch can melt your heart and not wanna let him go. They have the best pets that will protect you if you're lucky enough for them to like you. Nothing in the whole wide world of your existence will ever compare to how wonderful of a life you would have with a Jarrett by your side. They join for the fun and stay for the love. Make sure you let go of all your insecurities because once you meet him they will all come to the surface for you to deal with. They are so forgiving so make sure you follow thru with being the best you can be for them.
girl: hey i started talking with Jarrett again...
boy: how's that going?
girl: i'm so anxious because he's still such a beautiful person
boy: damn you're really never gonna get over him huh
girl: *whispers (i will always love Jarrett)* huh, what?
by yoshi_bear October 23, 2020
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Jarrett's are the most loving and caring people in the whole world. everyone loves them and they make great friends. if you have one for a boyfriend then you are probably one of the luckiest girls in the world as they are smart, funny and TOTALLY HOT. they can be confusing and quite stubborn but they would totally stick up for there friends in someone messed with them. great kissers and even greater in bed!
girl1 - i really like that guy over there, who is he?!

girl2 - thats Jarrett!

girl1 - he keeps looking at me! do you think he likes me?!

girl2 - duh!! he's coming over! i gotta go, oh and btw, good luck for 'tonight'!

girl1 - wait what? (thinking - god i hope he's good in bed!)
by J+A=4EVER April 7, 2010
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A boy who's name is often misheard as "Jared" or "Garrett".
What's your name?
What's that? Jared?
It's Jarrett.
Oh, Garrett.
by buttslapper81 May 6, 2011
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Jarrett's will always make you laugh and smile. They are not afraid to be themselves and they are great people. Very few people hate him and many get annoyed with him. He's very silly.
That yoga instructor is so a Jarrett!!
by Greatness# June 11, 2013
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Someone who doesnt care about what other people think or say someone who understands you fir who you are and someone who is the best listener ever and they will love even doe they dont show and they hid there emotions but there just afraid too see what happens if life next and if you have a jarrett take advantage of him and spoil him and dont let go
Jarrett a awesoms and sweet person
by Andreadams September 3, 2017
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Jarrett's are quite different in school than when they are with their friends. Hard to hate them as they are very nice. They also tend to be great leaders.
And you are?
Oh! nice to meet you Jarred.
by Yours-Truely-My-Dude September 22, 2018
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An overall great guy whos really cute and clumsy, can be awkward at times but this adds to their charm. Very talented musically and artistically and can be the most caring friends. If you have a Jarrett as a boyfriend never let him go because he will treat you like youre the only girl in the world. Theyre very loyal and can keep youre deepest secrets.
Oh theres Jarrett, aren't yall dating?

Yeah, he calls me bumblebee

Awe how sweet!
by Pudle duc December 19, 2018
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