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Will: Hey, Sam, you wanna go see a movie today?
Sam: Bof.
by Prosciutto Bellino January 17, 2004
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An acronym for the popular anime/manga/television show Boys Over Flowers. Most commonly used for the Korean drama live version.

It was originally Hana Yori Dango as a popular Japanese manga (like American comics) and was turned into three different live action versions, one in Taiwan, called Meteor Garden, one in Japan, called Hana Yori Dango, and one in Korea, called Boys Over Flowers.

It has also been made into one spin-off, 2 live action movies, 1 anime movie and also an anime series.

It is also known as Boys Before Flowers.
Over the internet
1: What's your favorite kdrama?
2: BOF for sure!!
by holagurrl25 April 13, 2010
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Bof is slang for “both.” It’s typically used to refer to being both drunk and high. The term was made popular by Gucci Mane’s song, “Both.”
I don’t usually do this unless I’m drunk or I’m high but I’m bof right now.
Yeah, I’m bof!

Scotty: “Did Rick get the spins last night?”
Clark: “Yeah, he got bof.”
by ScottyBugatty February 27, 2018
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A word with no real meaning (although it does stand for Band of Freaks) other than to attempt at making fun of the kids who have the balls to be different. People yell it from ten miles away or whisper it as they walk by in order to fit in, although they just end up looking like pathetic, ignorant sheep.
Some random guy: BOF! hides behind a group of friends
A cool BOF kid: Hey, thanks. laughs their ass off, proceeds to call another BOF a BOF, and continues to be the freak they are damn proud to be
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(adj) Bag Over Face....A girl that you would like to fuck if there was a bag over her face
by Toxic540 November 16, 2004
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Originated out of Westgate High school in Thunder Bay Ontario. It is generally, used to describe the social outcasts and so-called "dirty kids". We all know the types of ugly, metal band loving, "RANCID" sacks of nothing, that are definable B.O.F.s. If you can't recall ever encountering one of these elite specimines just go to the deepest, darkest cornor of your local high school and you are more than likely to see, one of these socially disgraced, souls.
Do not go looking for the smell of these beings; they cannot be defined through scent. One needs to witness one of these monstrosities in order to fully comprehend just exactly what a B.O.F. is.
Some B.O.F.s have been tagged and monitored by authorities ranging from numbers one straight through to 111. For your protection if you do come into contact with one of these humans please contact your local authorities and they will provide you with the appropriate vaccination information and a strile towel to ease the pain off until further help is contacted.
"Look at that B.O.F."
"That B.O.F. is actually cutting himself."
"Look at all the B.O.F.s fighting in that bush."
by Joe FRANKLIN September 17, 2007
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