Will: Hey, Sam, you wanna go see a movie today?
Sam: Bof.
by Prosciutto Bellino January 18, 2004
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a term used to describe a person considered ugly
oi g your girl is bof
by bofman May 28, 2019
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A word with no real meaning (although it does stand for Band of Freaks) other than to attempt at making fun of the kids who have the balls to be different. People yell it from ten miles away or whisper it as they walk by in order to fit in, although they just end up looking like pathetic, ignorant sheep.
Some random guy: BOF! hides behind a group of friends
A cool BOF kid: Hey, thanks. laughs their ass off, proceeds to call another BOF a BOF, and continues to be the freak they are damn proud to be
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verb for misspelling a word because of a cell phone keyboard that is way too small for any normal human beings fingers.
Don't you hate it when you bof six into sex? It's just awkward for everyone.
by Boffing It Up March 17, 2011
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Acronym for a classic role playing game called Breath Of Fire. It centers around the role of dragons in a variety of mythical worlds, many of which are being tyranized by a Goddess, who is usually the final boss or source of the games conflicts.
bof 3 is one of the greatest traditional role playing games available on psx
by Alpha&Omega July 23, 2005
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Birds Of a Feather; also BOFs, These are social interaction groups that meet, either online, or in community, or in person at other venues; An IETF Standards group of people who have a gathering, before a proposal or idea is formed to a WG or Working Group.
The IETF have several BOFs, but some are just for documentation only. ; "Jane and Mildred are just a pair of BOFs,"
by TerrificInTahoma August 25, 2008
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Most ways of indirectly opening the php script would allow you to view it's contents. Maybe bof-ing the server would make it stop parsing, but don't take my word for it.
by penguinwhoflew December 5, 2004
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