Aldi is very cute and can get girls but chooses not to
Aldi is very handsome
by ErentardAsf March 26, 2021
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A very cute person who gets all the girls he is also a ladies man who can get girls but chooses not to
Aldi is very cute I would date him
by ErentardAsf March 26, 2021
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A supermarket that started in Germany. It sells mostly generic brand food(not off-brand) that tastes just as good.
Generic really just means there's no advertising. Go on, compare Welche's Grape Soda with Aldi's Grape Soda, they will have the same ingredients and the same taste. (It's the same way with save-a-lot. It's not for poor people, just don't buy the box of cereal that happened to fall on the floor)
Guy: I'm goin to Aldi to get some Sugar Frosted Flakes
Guy2: Look at this cheap-behind nugga, can't even name brand
Guy: At least I'm not spending $5.99 on a box of Frosted Flakes, that's wasting your money.
Guy2: I don't care, I'll waste my money whenever I want to...
Guy2 realizes what he said makes him look like a douchebag
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Contrary to a post here, Aldi is a grocery store based in Germany with stores all over Europe and growing in America. The store is to the likes of Trader Joes where everything is cheap and generic brand. The food is good, just like the food you expect to get at the big boys like Safeway or Giant but made by a unknown brand with the same ingredients as the "name" brand.

Aldi has their stores around the same size as a Trader Joes and usually has around 6 to 8 aisles. In those aisles you find the food that you want, usually stacked up in boxes, not shelves to save money. Once the boxes are freed up they set them aside for those that don't want to pay for the reusable bags they have. Aldi is also known to have small gadgets and electronics for the home.

A typical Aldi trip consists of going to the store, getting a quarter out of your pocket and inserting it in the cart (you get the quarter back later. They do this so you won't leave the cart in the parking lot. Very efficient way of avoiding cart dings on your car), going inside the store, grabbing your generic groceries at a much decent price than the overpriced name brands at the "Supermarket", going home with some extra money in your pocket. Maybe making a trip to the other supermarket since Aldi doesn't stock up on certain things the supermarket does like junk food.
I went to Aldi today. Yes I did have to loan a quarter to the store to use their carts, but at least I don't worry about the car getting beat up by the carts. The food was very cheap and even though it's not a name brand tastes the same way as the name brand. I also got this new laptop that they randomly had there. I thought it was a good deal so I said why not? Next week I'll go back to buy food and see what other gizmo they have. I'm still enjoying the blender I got there last month.
by 14th Street DC July 17, 2010
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German grocery story chain but the food tastes like cardboard. They got like 10,000 stores and have made 50,000,000,000 of whatever € is.
Person 1 - "Hey have you heard of the supermarket Aldi"
Person 2 - "Nah"
Person 1 - "Aldis nuts in yo mouf"
by miksu-chan February 7, 2022
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1.(Noun) A cheap ass store , resembling a 99 cent store in the USA.This store is thought to be high quality in The Netherlands.
2.(Adjective)Word used to describe something of poor quality(Commonly used in Belgium)
1.John : Wow , did you see Shaniqua the other day?
Amy : Yeah , she was wearing a cheap ass jacket , I bet I saw it in one of Aldi's folders.
2.Wow man , you look so Aldi , take those fake ass gold chains off!
by Th33nD November 8, 2007
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