"we gotta troop to the crib cuz we are assed out 4 a ride"
by esco August 17, 2003
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Your boy, homey, friend. Mid 80's NYC usage.
What up troop! I'm chillin'.
by kayjay July 24, 2005
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a group of people, similarly one person in the army.
When I got to school I met up with my troop
That troop had the dicipline needed for the job
by Macs September 10, 2003
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a group of people, your clique, your crew. used mostly east coast rappers in the 90's
Nas: Wisdom be leakin out my grapefruit TROOP, i dominate break loops, givin mics menstrual cycles...

Method Man: I'm lifted TROOP, you can bring whack ass crew, i got connections. i get that ass stuck like glue...
by thatniggabob September 29, 2011
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"Troops" is a slang word for mates, ften used in West Central Scotland. Many gang, or "young team" member will refer to their fellow cronies as "the troops".
Also, "troopz" or "troopers" are acceptable terms to use.
Awrite troops. Who we doin in eh night?
by Gary February 25, 2005
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Something cool, walking with style. Someone's posse.
Those girls troop with style.
by MissSwirls January 17, 2013
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