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a new religion that worships Flying Spaghetti Monster, initially created to protest the Kansas State School Board's decision to teach "Intelligent Design" in schools.

Also known as the FSM cult
Codes of conduct:
# Prayers are ended with the word RAmen rather than Amen.
Benefits of conversion:
# Like the great noodles they worship, Flying Spaghetti Monsterists have flimsy moral standards.
# Promise of a stripper factory and a beer volcano in Heaven.

A rival faction, based on SPAM (Spaghetti & Pulsar Activating Meatballs), has formed and is calling for a Holy War against FSM. SPAMation claims to have the One True Letter to the Kansas School Board.
by hattrickcheeto August 20, 2005
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paw-stah-FAR-ee-an-ism n. the recent emergence of a well illustrated and expressed β€œbelief” that all existence was created by a Flying Spaghetti Monster through the use of its "noodly appendages."
Person A: "This hilarious and satirical movement (called pastafarianism) came about after the Kansas School Board moved to put spiritualist creationism on par with scientifically supported evolution in Kansas public schools."

Person B: "This movement/definition (of religion) lacks the necessary mention of its reliance upon supernatural authority and thus the inescapable role of faith, which has been defined as having the purpose of "giving credence to things that never happened."

Person C: "Of course, there's bias inherent in that definition as well but, suffice it to say; the primary role of faith is to demand that one ignore logic and suspend reason so as to accept things as true which violate proven laws of science and often have not a shred of supporting evidence."

by Little Miss Sunshine!! December 31, 2006
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