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The word that Google suggests after entering the first three letters of fuck into the searchbar.
Me: F
Google : "Frozen?"
Me: U
Google: "Funny cat videos?"
Me: C
Google: "Fuchsia?"
Me: K
Google: *sigh* *displays results*
by JackOfficial October 19, 2015
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Fuchsia is also a flower of lively pink-purple tones, and by addition, the flower's color.

In some places, if a man wears clothes of such a color, it means he's gay.

Often misspelled as "fuccia."
"Fuchsia doesn't suit you, Bob, it makes you look gay."
by Guidopicho February 03, 2006
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One of the characters in the Gormenghast novels, sister of Titus Groan. In the second book of the trilogy, she kills herself.

"Less formidable, yet sullen as her mother and as incalculable, is Titus' sister, Fuchsia. Sensitive as was her father without his intellect, Fuchsia tosses her black flag of hair, bites at her childish underlip, scowls, laughs, broods, is tender, is intemperate, suspicious and credulous all in a day. Her crimson dress inflames grey corridors, or flaring in a sunshaft through high branches makes of the the deep green shadows a greenness darker yet, and a darkness greener."

The Cure also wrote a song about how she dies, it's called the drowning man.
Words all left me lifeless hoping breathing like the drowning man
Oh Fuchsia, you leave me breathing like the drowning man
by Fuchsia April 07, 2005
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