41 definitions by The Evil Steve

1) Derisive term for a man's feminine side - especially when he's picky, touchy or emotional about something seemingly minor.
2) The bumhole - almost always a man's, and usually used in a prison-dating context.
1) Jesus, Steve, all I said was your car needs washed... you didn't have to flash me your mangina!
2) You got sentenced to three years in State? Guard your mangina and don't drop the soap.
by The Evil Steve September 08, 2005
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aka Eau de 'Neck - that aroma born of the marriage of cigarette smoke and perspiration. The potency varies from a light musky quasi-pheremonal odor of the standard smoking office worker at 3pm to the overwhleming spit-roasted-skunk aroma of a NASCAR Tent City.
Say... did a cat piss on the pack of cigarettes in your pocket, or is that your daily spritz of MarlBO?
by The Evil Steve January 13, 2007
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The uniquely male sensation of having one's scrotum squished into an uncomfortably small area or configuration due to unfortunate seating arrangements. The most common culprit is that poorly-placed knot in your blue jeans where all four denim panels get sewn together at Scro Central.

Causes include sitting quickly and carelessly in hot, humid weather when the twins are just a-danglin', shifting in car seats while seat-belted, any form of self-induced frontal wedgie (often from scooting forward on a cloth-upholstered seat), or a combination of the above.

In particularly blessed gents, sack bunch can result in sitting on one's own balls. Honorable and impressive as the feat sounds, the sensation makes one want to cry and puke simultaneously. Not recommended.
Lady Passenger: Why are you grabbing at yourself? Shouldn't you be concentrating on driving?

Male Driver: Gaah! I got sack bunch! If you just planted your ass on your own man-marbles, you'd be skittish too!
by The Evil Steve August 02, 2005
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Adjective to describe that comfortable satisfaction one gets from stuffing their head-holes with fat-and-sugar laden holiday food for a month. Also describes one's new larger physical profile from same.
Guy 1: Man, I've been chowing on pie and Christmas cookies non-stop for the last three weeks. I feel Santastic!

Guy 2: Yeah, you look Santastic, too, Tubbo!

Guy 1: Suck it.
by The Evil Steve December 18, 2008
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Shorthand for No Beers Necessary. Used to describe a person so attractive that one wouldn't require a drink to inspire or prepare for denting headboards with them. Can be spoken as 'nibben'.
Guy 1: "Did you see the body on that chick? She's totally NBN!"
Guy 2: "Ummm... dude... she's got three eyes and one eyebrow. Ease up on the Jaeger! Nice rack, though."
by The Evil Steve July 28, 2005
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Combination of the terms NBN and MILF which describes a mythical realm dripping with perpetually horny drop-dead gorgeous women between the ages of 35-50. Some upper-middle-class planned suburban communities bursting at the seams with trophy wives may qualify, but most of us will only see them on TV or in the movies.
Fairview from Desperate Housewives may be the mythical Land of Nibbenmilf.
by The Evil Steve July 29, 2005
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Being treated like a total idiot by the media for acting/sounding like a total idiot in the media.
Carrie Prejean claimed she was Palinized in her jaw-droppingly inept Larry King interview. She is absolutely right. Her political career will be missed...
by The Evil Steve November 13, 2009
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