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A number so friggin' huge that it's beyond stupid - it's retarded.
Congress just passed another spending bill giving 695 tardillion dollars to the lobbies that paid for their election campaigns.
by The Evil Steve March 14, 2009
aka Eau de 'Neck - that aroma born of the marriage of cigarette smoke and perspiration. The potency varies from a light musky quasi-pheremonal odor of the standard smoking office worker at 3pm to the overwhleming spit-roasted-skunk aroma of a NASCAR Tent City.
Say... did a cat piss on the pack of cigarettes in your pocket, or is that your daily spritz of MarlBO?
by The Evil Steve January 13, 2007
In reference to the classic Dr. Seuss book. Describes a marathon sexual encounter involving multiple positions and locations, be they done or or projected to be done.
1. "Dude! Megan's roommate was away for the weekend, so we just rocked it all over the house - every bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room - it was awesome! We went green eggs and ham for three straight days!"

2. "Damn, could I go all green eggs and ham on that: I would do her on a train, I would do her in the rain. I would do her in the trees, I would mount her on her knees..."
by The Evil Steve April 6, 2010
Chest-thumping churchgoer / religious donor who loudly proclaims his or her righteousness based solely on their Sunday attendance / offering. Tend to think they can get away with being braggardly arrogant self-important arseholes because they actually spend an hour or two in / a few bucks on church every week. They tend to cover their auto bumpers and SUV backglass with stickers alluding to Jesus, quote Biblical scripture completely out of context, and privately pleasure themselves to kiddie porn while chiding anybody who dares mention anything sexual in public.
The jagoff who cut you off coming out of the church parking lot - you know, the one in the $49 polyester suit jacket who flipped you off - this past Sunday morning is a McChristian.
by The Evil Steve August 15, 2005
A party or event you aren't particularly pleased about hosting. Usually work related, but could filter down to family- or roommate-based gatherings.
Coffee is ready in the board room, mugs and donuts are all lined up, and I can smell the investment bankers and lawyers on their way to finalize the merger. When do the infestivities officially begin?
by The Evil Steve September 23, 2016
1. (dictionary) Widespread contagion, usually a bacteria or virus, that kills or severly sickens a large number people in a particular geographic area.

2. (American Media) Half-assed drug or dumbass activity that kills a couple suburban white kids, usually in the Baltimore area for some reason.
1. The SARS epidemic of 2003 killed hundreds and hospitalized thousands in China and Toronto.

2. Stone Phillips reporting on the highway surfing epidemic... Ashleigh Banfield to follow with an expose on the paint-huffing epidemic.
by The Evil Steve August 17, 2005
The act of singing notes all up and down throughout three different octaves in five lyrical syllables or less. Technique made most popular by boy bands like All 4 One and Boyz II Men, its purpose is to convey a deep flowing current of emotion, yet sounds more like a vocal epileptic seizure revealing the singer's inability to hold a note for longer than half a second.
The end of that sappy-ass All 4 Men song "I Swear" where the singer hits no fewer than 22 notes in the three syllables "Oh, I swear" is a prime example of souldeling.
by The Evil Steve March 16, 2006