Killing yourself
1)Go commit cease vital organs nescecarry for the prolonging of one's physical being
2)Go commit toaster bath
3)Go commit neck rope
4)Go commit gas chamber
5)Go commit funeral
6)Go commit 8th element of periodic table don't enter you body
7)Go commit aliven't
8)Go commit sub to t-series
9)Go commit say stfu to your teacher
10)Go commit cha cha real smooth into a shark's mouth
11)Go commit get titaniced
12)Go commit AK-47 close range shot at you
13)Go commit play Happy Wheels in real life
14)Go commit voodoo doll
15)Go commit dance along with CoCoMelon
16)Go commit Karen
17)Go commit join ceiling gang and get trashed by PewDiePie
18)Go commit heart stop beating
19)Go commit windpipe broken
20)Go commit time machine faulty
Person 1: Hey member of the homo sapien species, would you be kind enough to take a 3D motionary video production of me commiting sewerside or in other words, passing away.

Person 2: Yeah sure, I, at this instance, will be placing my electronic device into my hand and start the recording of you ending your life. I shall add dark mode to your video

Person 1: *ends life

Person 2: K lmao
by MansNotSexuallyFeverish(Hot) September 04, 2020
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A slang unique to Singaporeans. It means being finished, wrecked or defeated.
Officer: Gentlemen, FBO in 3 minutes. We are going for a 32km route march. Hurry up!

Soldier: Wahlao eh, pass away la!
by deepsdog February 03, 2018
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When someone die.
My girlfriend will be operated... I hope she doesn't pass away
by hdcs February 24, 2016
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Unlike dying, which connotes a degree of violence and urgency, passing away is a situation where you slowly leave the world. It can be precipitated by lying on the floor beneath a cubicle desk. Passing away is a way to escape the madness that may occur around you.
-"What are you doing this weekend?"
-"Oh I'm passing away."

"This madness. I need to pass away."

-"Where are Jackie and Jen?"
-"They passed away at -100 o' clock."
by simmaranfo March 26, 2007
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