A relatively large and wealthy town, about 40 minutes east of San Fransisco. Often referred to as the Danville Bubble, because its unlike most of the surrounding area. Over 40,000 inhabitants, roughly 13 of them are black. A town where literally everyone drives with their headlights on, night or day, rain or shine; many may not even know how to turn their headlights off. One of the preppiest places on earth, but the majority think they are pretty hardcore because of their "jerking" dancing abilities, cars that were nice 10 years ago, use of the word "hella" in every sentence and ability to not try in school and get good grades. There are two highschools that hate each other's guts, for the sole reason that they were best friends when they went to middle school together middle school. Roughly 45% of the females in the school are cheerleaders, and about 75% of the males are "jocks" (Although by the way, being on the Quidditch team does NOT qualify you as an athlete!). Many of the girls act like total skanks, but TONS are in relationships for years and dont have sex. Also, a disproportional number of Mormons and wanna-be christians conclude this unique town, with more strange traditions than you would ever believe.
Bro, why are your eyes hella blind today?
Dude! I just drove through Danville and was blinded by all the headlights.
by asdgdsfhjdkjlghlfjfgj March 6, 2010
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A rather wealthy city within the 925 area code in the East San Francisco Bay. It has a population of just over 40,000. The average income is $114,000 a year. Within the city is the lavish neighborhood of blackhawk which just happens to house E-40's new mansion.
Who wants to go to Danville?
by madradlindsey September 29, 2006
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A small down about an hour away from San Francisco. The average income per household is 114,000 a year but the houses are way overpriced. You have to pay at least 800,000 for a 2,000 sq. foot house. The adults are relatively nice but they will yell at you if you step on their lawn. Most of the kids in Danville go to Diablo Vista, a pretty nice school if you look past the creepy teachers that are 2 million years old. Danville is made up of kind of rich people, rich people, and ehmagardihavesomuchmoneyidon'tknowwhattodo people. The gated community, Blackhawk has absolutely no sidewalks, and is filled with old farts who golf all day and spend their millions on expensive wines that no one will ever drink. There's nothing for teenagers to do in Danville besides steal their parents alcohol and tell everyone at school about it the next day to seem cool. The most fun place for people to hang out is at The Plaza which is kind of like an outlet mall for rich people. The Plaza is notorious for getting rid of stores that are there for over a year. There are at least ten drug dealers in Danville and most of them are teenagers. The teenage girls parade in shorts that are probably more revealing than most thongs and shirts that show off their barely-there cleavage. You'll be lucky to find one decent guy in Danville. most Danvillians worship rap and most of the white boys pretend to be black by sagging and saying nigga every five seconds.
Girl 1: Ohmygooodddd. There's nothing to do in Danville.
Girl 2: Hey let's go to the plaza. There's a great plastic surgery place there.
Boy 1: Sup mah niggas? What are you bitches doin taday?
Girl 1: We're going to the plaza.
Boy 1: Coo. After, do ya wanna come to my place to smoke some weed?
Girl 2: Sure. There's nothing else to do.
by justgetmeoutofthisplace September 3, 2012
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the town that supports the gangsta' rap industry. populated primarily by upper class whites who drive late-model german cars.
Greenbrooks the toughest neighborhood in Danville, mein.
by pitboss February 22, 2006
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A conservative Bush-lovin town in California that would be voted off the island if on "Survivor" (if California was an island)

DANVILLE stands for:
D- daddy's got money, mommy's got booty (after a lot of plastic surgery)
A- assholes who pick on poor people and listen to bad music
N- naughty little potheads who watch naughty porn after reading their bibles
V- virgins who dress slutty (also stands for vain and conceited)
I- intelligence...nonexistant
L- lets go to Berkeley, I wished I lived there, it's such a ghetto-ass town, we can buy cheap weed and go shopping at a thrift store and pretend we're cool ass punk rockers
L- lets party and get drunk and do drugs cause we are so goddamn rich we can't stand how goddamn rich we are
E- "Evil Land" if you switch the letters around

by the way, the cage around the oak tree is there so drunk and stoned teenage drivers in escalades with expensive rims and those stay-at-home soccer moms in SUVs don't knock down the poor misplaced tree
Bob Downey Jr. lives in Danville and smokes pot because he thinks Danville is soooo boring because he's never been anywhere else except Tahoe on the weekends.
Ruby Diamonds lives and Danville and goes to San Ramon, she hopes to keep up her 1.8 so that she could go to DVC, where she'll hopefully meet a hot rich guy, get married, move back to Danville and breed the next generation of Dan-villans.
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Danville is a small town in northern california, about a half hour from oakland/sf. Danville children are judgemental and think they're better than everyone else, and it's never true. If you aren't popular in Danville, your life will completely suck. Teenagers in Danville have fun by starting shit with eachother, taking pictures 24/7 and putting them on facebook, and pretending they're happy. No one in Danville is really slutty, they're basically all just virgins. No one at either San Ramon or Monte Vista has gotten pregnant, and everyone lies about who they sleep with. In general, the girls who attend San Ramon think they're prettier than they actually are. There are no hot guys at San Ramon. Everyone says they are open minded, but thats an obvious lie because secretly everyone hates eachother. Danville is home to probably the fakest people you will ever meet. To prove that they are cool to others, students will smoke marijuana and play beerpong, and take pictures of all of this to post on facebook. Kids in Danville are rich, exclusive and self-absorbed...except for Del Amigo kids, they're just trash.
Keith- I'm goin out with a DANVILLE babe!!!
Travis- You're SO not getting any.
by lolstop February 6, 2009
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A town in the Bay Area 40 mins east of San Francisco. It is a town full of racist rich white people that have no personality. Everybody is judgmental and fake to eachother. Nobody’s wealth in this community was built from scratch by themselves, millions of dollars are passed down by family. These people go to college, drop out or maybe even graduate, and come back to this town to live the rest of their lives as they have more kids. And most of the teenagers here are obnoxious, there’s 2 types of those kids:

1. The country kid with an under 2.0 GPA that acts hard and drives a brand new F-150 that his dad bought him

2. The white kid who wants to be hood, says the N word, forces his voice and how he talks, and talks about how he “came from the trenches” even though he lives in a gated community
“Does the KKK still exist in America?”

“Yes, in the town of Danville they stay undercover
by ffdsfdsfdsfsdf November 26, 2021
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