Insanity and craziness that cannot be defined.

Excessive laughter caused by being too high or too drunk.
Please, just STOP the madness! I can't handle the madness!
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Most predominantly used in the greater New York area, "mad" is an appropriate replacement for Northern California's "hella" and Boston's "wicked." In the common vernacular, it translates into "a lot" or "extremely." Can be used almost interchangeably with any of the above listed words.

For the most part, it means angry.
It's mad hot today.
She has mad problems.
by SVex January 18, 2005
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Something ridiculous just happened but somehow, you're cool with it. Weirdly, you're a little bit glad it happened. Best delivered in a tone which implies passive aggression.
You may have cut my hair without my permission, but I'm not mad.
by canfield army April 7, 2009
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"A Madness"
1) Used to describe an event or action that impresses or annoys people.
2) An exclamation of excitement
3) A violent act on somebody
Can be vague.
"My guy did a madness on that pagan last night, you know."
"I was about to do a bit of a madness, but den I got my senses back."
" Oi, that was a madness!"
by Southwest4 June 17, 2020
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As a product of abuse, (be it psychological, violent or combination of miscellaneous factors): A behavioral expression, (not necessarily unreasonable or a product of mental disorders) leading to an almost complete disregard of the instinctual directive for self preservation; which yields a disproportionate level of motivation to accomplish certain objectives of which are not necessarily violent or of ill intent.
The young geniuses of our society are driven to the point of madness by the relentless onslaughts from the simple-minded that radiate hatred and/or in some cases the intent to harm and/or destroy said geniuses.
by Thought Revolution October 31, 2016
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MAD is an American humour magazine with comics. The name should always be capitalized as "MAD" to distinguish with any other Mads or the word (adjective) "mad". MAD is an acronym from "Mesh takes a D", in which "mesh" is "#" (number sign) and "to take a d" is to "commit a suicide".
Bon: "People oftentimes wonder what that "E" in the middle of the name of Alfred E. Neuman – the cover boy of MAD magazine – stands for and what happened to his missing tooth."
Connie: "No, they don't."
by Burt Milhorse Eriksson April 8, 2021
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