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When referring to automobiles, this means "full bolt on's". Basically the engine has had bolt on modifications and possible tuning, but no major internal changes.
My buddie's FBO mustang ran 11's last night at the track. Unfortunately he hit some people in the crowd when leaving though.
by PdSnoz August 10, 2017
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Facebook Official. When a person or people decide to become public enough about their relationship to put it on their Facebook profile.
"Dave and Lisa must be getting pretty serious, they made their relationship F.B.O."

"Looks like Harrison and Ashley are definitely broken up. Both of them are single on Facebook. It's F.B.O."
by G55 June 09, 2007
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(Facebook Official) (ef-bee-oh)
–adjective - (pertaining to an event or activity on the social networking website Facebook) intended for the notice of the public and performed or held on behalf of officials or of an organization
Oh my gosh Jeff! Did you hear that Seth and Angela are finally dating? Its FBO.
by VincenteCat November 09, 2007
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From Behind Only. Say you're standing in line at a joint and the girl in front has a nice body from behind, but not so nice'd want to tap that from behind only
Bro I'd do that chick FBO!
by astarass March 28, 2014
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Acronym in the aviation world for FIXED BASE OPERATOR. Place on an airport where you can get your airplane fueled, worked on, or receive flight instruction.
Airlines are based out of airport terminals. All the other airplanes are based out of FBO's.
by makakilomatt October 16, 2009
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F*** Barack Obama - A phase commonly heard in conservative circles after the messiah gives a speech. Originates from frustration of how to deal with opposition candidate that the MSM is clearly in love with. Can also be used to deal with frustrations that are totally unrelated to Obama, much in the same way that everything can be blamed on Bush and/or global warming.
That guy doesn't know anything about economics. FBO!
by John Hills June 20, 2008
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