A slang unique to Singaporeans. It means being finished, wrecked or defeated.
Officer: Gentlemen, FBO in 3 minutes. We are going for a 32km route march. Hurry up!

Soldier: Wahlao eh, pass away la!
by deepsdog February 3, 2018
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When someone die.
My girlfriend will be operated... I hope she doesn't pass away
by hdcs February 24, 2016
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Unlike dying, which connotes a degree of violence and urgency, passing away is a situation where you slowly leave the world. It can be precipitated by lying on the floor beneath a cubicle desk. Passing away is a way to escape the madness that may occur around you.
-"What are you doing this weekend?"
-"Oh I'm passing away."

"This madness. I need to pass away."

-"Where are Jackie and Jen?"
-"They passed away at -100 o' clock."
by simmaranfo March 27, 2007
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when a roach crawls on your foot.
if a roach ever crawls on my foot i'm going to PASS AWAY.
by danham124 July 1, 2020
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Falling asleep, drifting off to sleep, dying.
I was falling asleep...you know....I passed away.
by Larry D. June 21, 2006
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