1. a vagina; a part of the vagina looks like a parrot's mouth, so the vagina is called a parrot
1a. girl, my parrot itches like crazy
1b. he fed my parrot with his dick
by lumina August 23, 2006
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A person, particularly conspiracy theorists, who over use the same unoriginal terms.
Person: you're wearing a mask? Such a sheep
Person to friend: that's the 3rd person that's called me a sheep, what a parrot!
by TatertotTheScot December 16, 2020
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A derogatory term used by people to insult those with noses that are hooked in a way that make those people appear to have a parrot's beak.
Look at that parrot Rubber Andy over there, his nose is sticking out of his helmet!
As you can see in that prehistoric codger's photograph, he was a parrot. That's why he didn't get girls.
by Kestrels July 16, 2020
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Males who say all the right things to females make them believe this relationship means the world to them... then one day they fly away, bop out , vanish
B: what's wrong L
L: I didn't know tobi was a parrot
by SBBB01 November 13, 2017
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the action of removing ones genitals and perching them on the shoulder of a coworker or acquaintance
β€œDid you just parrot me”- Megan
β€œMaybe😏, Polly want a BJ”- Harvey
by 1@3$5^7*9) December 18, 2020
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