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Facebok is what happens when you epic fail in the process of trying to tpye facebook.

Also some weird website that fails in comparison to facebook
"alright gunna talk to my friends on facebook"
(boy/girl types in by accedent)
"damn it this website sucks"
by Jay McNinja March 04, 2009
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1. The flat and featured surfaces of one's face. 2. When a chicken cluks in another chicken's face. 3. Award-winning social media site for chickens, turkeys, wild game and the general poultry community. 4. Awkward hit to the face from an inanimate object 5. A popular bok choy dish inspired by master chefs from Thailand in tribute to the famous social media site. 5. The biographical name for the Bok family of faces. 5. Confrontation of the Bok family or one of its members. Social media site for employees of the Bank of Oklahoma. 6. When a South African shows through his facial expressions he is keen or willing to do something.
"Tim liked teasing Tracy on facebok and it was verging on violation of Bank of Oklahoma policy rules."

"Rooster John got lots of hen hook-ups through facebok."

"James Beard Award judges have commented Chef Sum Guy's facebok dish is exquisite blending different styles of Asian Pacific Rim cuisine using the finest baby bok choy grown by Asian master farmers."
by Dr. Nordoslavic January 23, 2018
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