v. - When a police officer or person overreacts and uses excessive force on an innocent bystander or individual.

ie. a dog, people having a snowball fight, etc.
Wow, did you see that guy go parrot on his girlfriend.

Molly, if you don't stop IM'ing me I am going to go parrot on you.
by FrankieC81 September 22, 2010
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The act of a male putting his scotum on another person's shoulder. IE. How a parrot sits on the shoulder of a pirate. Usually in a joking manner.
Mike: Parrot!
Kevin: Dude get your balls off my shoulder!
by Malice Lonewolf April 26, 2012
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parrot sat there, plastic eyes gleaming. he would have his revenge
by Tlaxcatl May 05, 2004
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Creatures who are prone to clinging to others while copying the actions and language of the subject (parrot). Work ethic is at a minimum and lying to impress others is at a maximum. Male-on-male contact is to be expected. Hot tempered and funny looking.
My little sister keeps copying me. I am afraid that one day she will become a Shrin (parrot).
by fuddlebutt August 20, 2004
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The act of a male placing his testicles on a unsuspecting persons shoulder who is sitting down. Also can be done by a woman who places one of her breasts on a persons shoulder. Feel free to make a parrot noise if you wish to put the cherry on top.

Also known as Parroting. Ex: I love parroting people.
While Craig was working on his computer, Greg sneaked up behind him and placed his parrot on his shoulder.
by GrumpyJunglist June 05, 2014
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someone who thinks the world revelves around themselves. there goal in life is too make themselves as loved as possible and the reason why is because they love themselves so much, they think they are gods gift to the world carved by Michelangelo himself. they make up anything and everything to bring atttention to themselves and being the perfect person she see's herself to be, and she shows off constantly. her favorite topic is herself and she makes sure everything knows it. like the parrot, her favorite pass time is pecking kisses at her own reflection.
" OMiGOD LIKE, IS IT JUST ME OR DOES MY BUTT LIKE LOOK REALLY GOOD IN THESE PANTS..hmm probably cause my butt looks good in every pants *confident smile* HAHAHA *obnoxious laugh*

god brianna ginther is sucha parrot, i wonder if she'd lose her virginity to herself if she could?

by lewis and clarks vagina June 15, 2008
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