Phrase used sarcastically to express a lack of interest in what the other person is saying. Often written on the Internet as, "cool story bro".
Person 1: "I think people who listen to metal are mindless idiots."

Person 2: "Cool story, bro."
by thefoureyedfox October 24, 2008
A slightly more "polite" way of saying "I wasn't listening" and/or "I don't care"
Person 1: "bro, you should've seen all the bitches that were hanging off me last night"

Person 2: "cool story, bro"
by TrueHylian July 14, 2021
A catchphrase used when a person says something complETEly unrelated to the topic you were just talking about.
John: "So I just got Modern Warfare 2 yesterday."

Dave: "Yeah? Do you like it?"

John: "Holy crap, it's the sickest game ever!"

Paul: (butting in) "Did you know dogs can lick their private parts?"

John & Dave, simultaneously: "Cool story, bro."
by G0dS4v3T3hCZ4RX February 3, 2010
A phrase sarcastically used to indicate one's disgust or indifference towards a tl;dr story.
Person A: (lengthy tale about how Person A tragically broke up with his/her mate the other day)

Person B: cool story bro
by a1b2c3d4e5 January 6, 2009
An appropriate response to a story that went nowhere and/or was completely uninteresting.
"This one time me and my brother were eating sandwiches and he was like 'dude, I hate mustard' and I was like 'yeah.'"
"Cool story bro."
by Geneva H February 7, 2009
A response to a story or piece of information that you find boring, or is too long and you don't want to read it.
One extra note, though. The only proper use of "Cool story, bro" is to say it exactly as it is in the quotes. Any other variation ("Interesting tale, brethren", "Wonderful retelling, sibling") should never be used under any circumstances, and will make you look like a complete failure to everyone who reads it.
Me: Yeah, so I was at the mall eating some corn dog when this guy walks by.

You: Cool story, bro
by Punchrocket Piers July 16, 2009
when someone tells you a boring story you don't wanna hear
person 1 "I went to the shop last night"
person 2 " cool story bro"
by Princess barbie doll 101 February 6, 2018