Derogatory word for a person who never questions authority and only says what the government or church tells them to say.

See also: slave
"Homosexuality is wrong because it's against God's law"

"Go kiss the pope's ass somewhere else, you fucking parrot!"
by KXt April 04, 2004
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The best thing you can get your child as a pet they are awesome, cute funny, and amazing
Me: dad I wanna parrot
Dad: well dang, sure, I’ll give you one!
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by Pseudonymdrawmada February 21, 2019
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1. A species of bird that are recognized for their speech abilities.
2. To mock/mimic.
by turtle12 August 26, 2015
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The act of resting your nut sack on another person's shoulders, ergo, your nuts resemble a "parrot". Throwing in a "yar" or "aye matey" only increases the effect.
John is chillin at a party mackin on some Bitch. Larry sneaks up and sets his balls on John's shoulders while yelling "avast ye whores!!". Hilarity ensues.
by Troy "SlasherMcGee" August 29, 2005
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This is a social media and/or message board personality who repeats information from other sources while acting as if they are liberating your ignorance with their brilliant intellect. The sources they rep are often total shit, and they display a pathetic understanding of the concept of critical reasoning. One particular example would be the modern evangelical conspiracy theorist, who repeats information from preposterously unreliable sources, adds no new perspective, and berates any detractors with parrot phrases such as sheeple, wake up, or best of all do your research. It does also apply to thoughtless fanatics of any persuasion, political, religious, sports, music, whatever - basically an arrogant recycler of information without credibility - often causing the opposite of their own intent by being so annoying that no one wants to consider the content of their message.
I tried to tell this fucking parrot that the site he always links to is only there to sell books and advertising, and that their biased perspective was not logical and in fact impinged upon legitimate concerns, but instead of considering what I was saying he just told me to wake up. Or - I wish these parrots would keep their mouths shut, because all they seem to be good for is feeding trolls.
by DWTW April 30, 2013
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The codename for a certain person that was stalked by a group called the Founders over an extensive period of time. He is known to have rather striped plumage, and is constantly accompanied by at least two or more Associates (also referred to as ducks). The Parrot is most famous by his constant absence of expression, which was often mocked by the Founders. Other nicknames include Cowboy and Watch Hill Lifeguard.
A famous quote uttered by the Parrot:

"Look! The purple letters spell my name!"
by TheFounders January 20, 2012
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A swear word. Basis by the mockery one receives for their inability to say parrot correctly.
Parrot! I forgot the bag!
Stupid cat! I should have parroted it.
by Darn it was used June 02, 2018
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