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(Paw- ket- there is no R in this word)

A beautiful species of people. Originally from France, they migrated and thrived in the French regions of Canada until they were forced to leave during the 1830's Eradication of Remarkably Attractive. They are distinguished by their stunning figures, sly wit, bountiful sense of Humor and unyielding faith: as noted by their friends, to whom they are fiercely loyal.
That Paquette is the total PACKAGE.

verb usage: I would Paquette that so hard...
by Evy Rhus March 10, 2011
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wil pah-ket.
1. verb. to lose hair prematurely, often as the result of being excessively obnoxious, telling bad jokes and ruining good ones through rampant repetition, and having a girlfriend who is too hot for you.

2. noun. an annoying, balding douche.

3. noun. destroyer of jokes.
"That kid is such a paquette. He's always ruining my jokes and clogging my shower drain with his stringy greasy hair. I wanna put it in his girlfriend." sic
by Some douches October 15, 2006
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