The act of two men having buttsex at the same time.
Dude, I totally walked in on Matt and Brian paperclipping.
by Startron456 December 02, 2009
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When your crush ignores you, but still occasionally texts you to don't forget about him/her/them.

The term comes from Clippy, Microsoft's most hated virtual assistant.
- I thought he's not interested in me, but he texted me last night and left me on read, again. He has been doing this for a month now and I don't know what should I do with his mixed signals.
- Just dump him, he's totally paperclipping you.
by canihaveacookie November 05, 2019
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People Against People Ever Re-Enlisting, Civilian Life Is Preferred. It's use is for anyone who is fed up with serving in the Armed Forces and is getting out of the term of service. Commonly mostly used in the navy for annoying "Khakis"(aka officers/chiefs). Persons who are looking to get out wear one on there uniform to display there disgruntlment.
Bobby where did you put your "paperclip" on your uniform?
by John April 05, 2005
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1. one of the most useful inventions man has ever created
2. used for a variety of things
3. that evil SOB in Word that makes you want to poke your eye out (with a paperclip!)
1. Who needs computers or cars or hydrogen fuel cells?! Paperclips are the answer to all our problems.
2. including picking the Cheeto cheese out from underneath my fingernails, doing that cool thing where you bend it and it springs up when you drop it. also occaisionally used to put stacks of paper together.
3. what a fucker
by CLIPPY 2 March 17, 2009
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Small metal objects, usually with 3 bends in them. Packaged in boxes holding a large number of them. Seen on cubicle desks. Uses include: reshaping out of boredom, throwing at co-workers, firing with rubberbands, holding papers together, picking locks, picking teeth, sticking in wall sockets, or doing anything McGiver would.
Many people who wear eyepatches aren't trying to be cool. Usually, interns who found paperclips are responsible. He no longer works for us.
by Andrew Stanchfield January 21, 2006
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Not to be under estimated, these can be deadly, they appear to be small metal objects to the human eye, but be carefull they are deadly killing machines......
They have been known to breath fire when hungry, and have eaten whole villages in north Wales.

Be carefull Mel.............
paperclips, they have small teeth but no eyes !!!
by victim of paperclips September 12, 2011
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