A clasp, often decorated, used to hold back one's hair.
Look, doesn't Jenny look lovely wearing that purple barrette in her hair to-day?
by Chris December 22, 2003
Berserker warrior known for being fearless in battle; one who is fearless; one who lives to die in a way deemed gloriously; person who leads by mystique, curiosity, confusion, unmatchable uniqueness, humor, or in some cases fear
That Barrett is a man.
by Barrettlives June 24, 2009
Being better than or more talented than 'Garrett' (see definition of Garrett for better understanding)
Garrett is amazing, but have you met Barrett?
by MaximusAurelius February 3, 2010
Barrett can be a boy or girl. Mostly a boy name though. If you do find a girl named Barrett you are very special because their rare! Barretts are often stubborn and cute but if you get in their dark side they become mean and cruel. Barrett’s are often caring but stubborn. Their strong and brave, they don’t care about their reputation. Barrett’s will fight for their friends
Student 1:Did you see Barrett today?
Student 2:Yes! She almost threw a table at the teacher!
Student 1:But it was kinda hot tbh
Student 2: that’s weird bro...
by Birkenstockbaby December 7, 2018
the hottest funniest most amazing man / boy on earth
It's because I love Barrett so much
by LovaGurl12350 May 30, 2011
Sleepy, Hairy, Tanned, Loves the Couch, Lots of Cigs, Fastfood, No Sex.

Everyone knows a The Barrett
Dude wake up it is 3 in the afternoon, you are acting like The Barrett
by John K Eaton November 16, 2006
Take the best person in the world and divide him by two, then multiply him by four. That's Barrett. Barrett is the kind of guy that would buy a toaster for a homeless guy to use as a part of an insurrection against communist government for the greater good of all mankind nine times before breakfast. He also is irresistible to females, and it is rumored the Zodiac Killer was trying to kill every girl that wanted Barrett, because he was jealous that he couldn't have him because Barrett is not interested in males.
ZODIAC:Hot damn Barrett, I want you so bad.
BARRETT:Sorry Zodiac Killer, I'm straight.

BARRETT: Damn Electricity Bear, what do you think this is, Washington D.C.?
by Fucking Pterodactyl May 17, 2013