The process of using a paperclip to reset a modem or router to its factory default settings. This process involves unfolding the paperclip and sticking the end of it into a small hole in the router designed specifically for this purpose.
After forgetting my modem's password I had to call my ISP and they said I had to paperclip it. After paperclipping it I had to reconfigure it from scratch.
by Tom Hartung May 2, 2008
Not to be under estimated, these can be deadly, they appear to be small metal objects to the human eye, but be carefull they are deadly killing machines......
They have been known to breath fire when hungry, and have eaten whole villages in north Wales.

Be carefull Mel.............
paperclips, they have small teeth but no eyes !!!
by victim of paperclips September 13, 2011
ledgendry band from monnie paperclips kick ass
paperclips nung nung
by paperclip September 22, 2007
an object commonly used to "clip" papers together. This device is quite useful because, unlike staples, you are capable of removing the papers from the paperclip and reusing the paperclip. Paper clips also come in different shapes, colours, and sizes to fit your needs and style. viva les paperclips
bob: hey what is this thing?
Steve: it is a paperclip
bob: let me guess, it holds your papers?
Steve: yes bob.. it does hold my papers
by wow yur dum :) May 6, 2009
When one partner, usually the man or dominant in the relationship, is laying on his back... the other partner laying on his chest as a pillow, one arm over, one leg over.

Not to be confused with spooning - the reverse paperclip is when partner one still lays on his back - and partner two is in the aforementioned position only facing outwards.

Founded by the A.S.M (anti spooning movement)
Guy 1: "Did you snuggle after sex?"

Guy 2: "Yeah dude - we paperclipped it up - fuck spooning, I mean i spooned her early in the night BEFORE we fucked..."

Guy 1: "hahaha totally - everyone hates spooning, you just use it to get laid right?!?"

Guy 2: "Exactly... and after I made her say the safety word we drifted off paperclipping"

Guy 1: "awesome - real men don't spoon after sex - spooning is for pussies."
by ASM (RD) December 20, 2011
When someone lays under the covers with their arms over the covers, making it impossible for a partner to shift the blankets.
I’m sorry you didn’t have enough covers last night. I was totally paperclipping.
by Plimbt May 23, 2018
A person who you could deffinetly live without! A mean mean human being... One who has done you wrong.
Alan is a paperclip do not talk to him!
by E-Lis July 31, 2005