The act of puking on someone's chest and then wiping the vomit around with your scrotum.
Guy #1: That girl last night was so freaky, she made me do a Smegma Paintbrush.

Guy #2: What the fuck is that?

Guy #1: Well, I'm... I'm not proud.
by Kitty Licker 666 January 20, 2014
When you've dipped your testicles in paint and smeered them across someone else's forehead.
Dave's passed out! Let's give him a hairy paintbrush!
by flavoredtexts November 19, 2015
The metal area of a paintbrush that connects the bristles and the wood. Recently referenced in Moriah Elizabeth’s video ‘painting paintbrushes’
The paintbrush scrunchie was made from a silver metal
When you fuck a girl on her period and cum inside her and emulsify the blood with your cum, pull out and draw a Wilson on her belly with your bloody dick.
Raj: My gf won't let me fuck her in her period
Kumar: Have you tried your Indian Paintbrush on her?
by Brown-munde January 31, 2022
When describing a situation with verbal sound so as better visualize the action in a discussion
Then brrrupppphb the situation occurred - just like a verbal paintbrush the word describes the situation
by Genuinegem June 16, 2019
When one vomits and deficates at the same time. Both in liquid form.
Free tequila with mexican food gave me a terrible Indian Paintbrush...
by 17304 February 14, 2009
When a man is being given head and ejaculates into the women's mouth, he puts his ballsack in her mouth, covering it with cum and then rubs his cum-covered sack all over her face
by Informal Moose May 26, 2012