Moriah Elizabeth is a you tuber who has an art channel. She owns a cat, Opi, and she is married to Jordan. She mainly does “squishy makeovers” where she gets old, used squishy’s sent to her, fixes them, and paint them to look cute. She also does Squishy Bake-overs, does thrift store makeovers, makes puns, makes books to release (Create this Book 1 and 2), and pains on anything she can find (Hydro flask, phone cases, paint pallets, outlet covers, fake flowers, seashells, storage bins, etc.).
Moriah Elizabeth is very funny and nice. I want to be her friend
by #Unicornfam🦄 March 8, 2020
An art Youtuber that is crazy talented. She does squishy makeovers, thrift store makeovers, and has done two 24 hour challenges. She is married to her husband Jordan and they have a cat named Opie.
Audrey: Are you watching Moriah Elizabeth?
Isabella: Yeah.
by An Awkward Person :P April 24, 2020
A fun crazy beautiful amazing person. ME are here initials ... she does baking and art go check her out on youtube!
Moriah Elizabeth is amazing and funny.
by REMI LINGUINIE November 12, 2020
Moriah Elizabeth is an art you tuber, she is famously known for filling out pages of her books(create this book 1&2), fixing and paint old squishies sent to her by her fans, recreating her squishies as real desserts and painting on anything she can get her hands on( paint pallets, pencil pouches, outlet covers, outfits ,stuff from the thrift store, plushies, etc.) she post videos every Friday
Ellie: what are you watching?
Andy: Moriah Elizabeth.
by unicorn_girrl September 15, 2020
Moriah Elizabeth is a YouTube that i am obsessed with and is a very talented painter with lots of talent.
Mom: Haven't you watched all of Moriah Elizabeth's videos already??
Me: Yes, I love them
A odd, sweet, big brain, beautiful woman she has a YouTube channel and is amazing at art
Moriah Elizabeth is good at art
by -snort- September 7, 2020
The most wonderful amazing YouTuber ever. Family Friendly, tho the memes about her aren't always. Also the daydream of a few select weirdo boys.
Me: Have you watched Moriah Elizabeth's new video
Josh: No - But did she look cute?
by 0p9ol8ik7ujm6yhn5tgb4rfv3edc2w September 21, 2020