An enormous bandwagon that people are jumping aboard left and right. When six homosexual men decided to give in to their tormentors and commit suicide, it caught fire and doesn't show any sign of stopping for at least 18 months.
#1: Man, did you hear about those homosexuals that were bullied and killed themselves?

#2: Yeah, man. It's a damn shame, isn't it?

#1: Have you seen all those videos about "It gets better", I think it's a bit too much.

#2: So do I, but for right now, it's okay. In a month, I'll start getting pissed off.
by Just a guy with an opinion, yo December 08, 2010
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A phrase commonly used to encourage either yourself, or someone else, to "Get Better!".
Also commonly used to mock someone for being a complete retard and bolloxing something up completely.
Must be said as loudly as possible give the situation and muct be repeated by everyone within ear shot.
Hah hah hah, he tripped over his own feet. GET BETTER!
by Morchild August 09, 2006
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Another empty promise.
A lie they won’t stop telling me.

False hope.
Person 1: “i can’t do this anymore i just want to end it all now“
Person 2: “don’t say that. Things will get better. I promise
by Life_is_empty March 17, 2021
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"Progressively Getting Better" is a positive mindset, lifestyle, and opportunity. Everyone has some area of his or her life that needs to be improved. PGB wants you to represent positive progress your life, whether is spirituality, health, fitness, business, or school. "Progressively Getting Better (PGB)," is also a mantra and slogan that people should say and share every day. PGB will integrate itself into the lives of people to reflect positivity and productivity. PGB is a constant reminder that challenges, obstacles, and problems can be overcome with a positive productive mindset and lifestyle.
I am PGB. You are PGB. Yo that dunk was PGB. You are gaining muscle dude, keep it PGB. All my life I have struggled with money, now I am PGB. Mom: How's school? Son:'s PGB. Our relationship is PGB, we argue less. I love life, it's definitely PGB. I am progressively getting better at life. He is not a bad player, he is progressively getting better. My mom is progressively getting better, she just came out of a bad relationship. She just got an A+ on her homework, she is definitely progressively getting better at math. PGB (Progressively Getting Better)
by PGB Apparel November 18, 2013
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Mainly used in roblox, this is when a toxic player kills someone
Person 1:
Person 2:
Person 1
by Ligamer August 21, 2021
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