The most random thing ever. Referred to on social media as "the ultimate invention that can do just about anything".
"Hey, have you heard about microwavable paintbrushes? I heard they were very important!"

"What the horcrux is that?"

"Microwavable paintbrushes! I even heard zombies are allergic to them!"

"There's no such thing as zombies, smeg head!"

"Not anymore...."
by xBOREDgeek November 6, 2016
Dipping your balls in paints, and brushing them over a woman's face.
The Mexican paintbrush I have to that ho was an ivory shade of white I got from home depot.
by Tyrant slaughter November 7, 2011
When a bitch is on all fours, you spread her cheeks, completely flatten your tongue on her clit and lick up until you get to the top of the crack, and go back down to the clit.
Bum-ass Mfer - "Bro i was eatin this bitch pussy from the back givin her a MONGOLIAN PAINTBRUSH."

Me-ass Mfer - "Ew bro youre a bum. Eating pussy makes you a simp because you put your head below the bitch and real men never put themselves below women."

Bum-ass Mfer - "Damn bro you're right. Please fuck my woman the way it should be done and let me watch so I can learn."
by Vic_Sigma_Nootz_420 January 7, 2023
when you put your c*** between a girls tits and blow your load all over her face.
Bob:Hey betty lets try something new tonight.
Betty:Like what?
Bob:Lets do the Indian Paintbrush
by Alex Ebe February 5, 2005
the spreading of the butt cheeks, and applying peanut butter in a painting motion.
Aaron, don't let my Golden Retriever close to you! I know your wife just gave you the Peanut Butter Paintbrush!
by the$auce June 16, 2011
An AMAZING character from Inanimate Insanity I love them so much mwa mwa they are so cool and I have no bias towards them at all
Me: Omga did you see the new eninmat ensanetay like... had paintbrush in it!!1!!1!!! My favorite character!!!1!!1!!!1!!!!1 I <3 Paintbrush Inanimate Insanity so much!!1!

Person 2: You are a loser they aren't even real

Me: Haha you aren't real either lmfaokoo I have no life hahahahahahahahahahhshs
by mikisakurazuka October 17, 2022
when a man shoves his ball sack into a woman's asshole, then slaps his shit covered nuts all over the woman's face.
After that Puerto Rican Paintbrush he gave me, I had to shower 3 times just to get the stink and shit off my face and hair!!! starving artist
by Mr. Dooseldorf November 5, 2014