-Castilleja, commonly known as Indian paintbrush, prairie-fire, or Navajo paintbrush is a flower named for the clusters of spiky blooms that resemble paintbrushes dipped in bright red or orange-yellow paint.
-Example: Timmy asked, "Wow, look at that beautiful, vibrant, desert flower." "I wonder what it is called?" Timmy's very knowledgeable mother replies, "a Navajo paintbrush, son." She adds, "Eaglefeather Two-suns, is an idiot."
by The Really Right Definition February 15, 2017
When a man, prior to intercourse, removes a tampon from a woman's cervix and applies the absorbents across her face in a paintbrush motion; a form of foreplay.
He uncorked that pon and Indian paintbrushed her forehead.
by Maretis August 14, 2014
When a man and his woman are having sex with a Johnnie on and the man ejaculates he that carefully removes the rubber from his pinis. He then gets the girl to excrete into it and ties it up. He then proceeds to place it in the microwave for about 30 seconds on a low heat. Once it is warm and soft like a fresh brownie, he takes it out and slaps the girl with it back and fourth til it explodes on her face. Thus this paintbrush has created abstract art
Gerald: yo hombre what did you just get up to last night
Edgar: ah nothing much blad just painting with the Mrs.
Gerald: was it abstract?
Edgar: let's just say I used my trusty Picasso's paintbrush.
by artistsbeaut December 13, 2016
when a man still has some cum on the end of his dick and slaps a girl in the face with it, leaving a paint-like smear on her face
Guy 1: "Hey man I gave that ho a paintbrush slap last night."
Guy 2: "Oh dude! That's whack!"
by Crushtheworld November 24, 2006
The act of eating a taco bell then doing a massive diarrhoea on a girls hair, putting your penis in their arse, and then using the girl's hair as the tip of a paintbrush to paint walls/buildings/structures while using your erection to aim
Arshia: Heard you stayed at Katie's last night?
Nathan: Yeah man. We watched love is blind and then i gave her a normington paintbrush on the living room walls
Arshia: Awh hell yeah! Hope you remembered to spray some febreeze afterwards
by xXxswagmaster42069xXx February 13, 2022
a legendary sexual technique, invented, patented and commonly used by a well known polish gorilla man. applicable to anyone with a vagina.

it involves the repeated "dipping of the brush" into the "pot" - covering the finger in as much wet as possible, and slowly "painting" the clitoris with said paint.
on god, i only stayed with that broke piece of shit because of the paintbrush technique
by twennysenn's secretary July 28, 2022
A ponytail that resembles a childhood watercolor art set paintbrush. This ponytail usually exceeds NO MORE than 2" in length and, it is uneven and quite stiff in nature due to the use and/or abuse of alkaline/lye/ammonium thioglycolate.....aka "PERM". Other chemicals that can contribute to this unpolished paintbrush look are the overuse of p-phenylenediamine, the main ingredient in most hair dye products, or hydrogen peroxide (aka "bleach"). The wearer of a paintbrush ponytail has usually spent most of her time trying her very best to catch every strand and fly-away in order to tame the ponytail into something presentable to the public, but to no avail. After years of stress on the hair, the outcome is never favorable: snatched edges, permanently damaged hair follicles, maximum breakage, loss of friends due to embarrassment.
Dude, have you seen your girl's hair??? She needs to stop rocking that paintbrush ponytail and just go natural.

Wow.....look at that woman's paintbrush ponytail . What a shame. She would rather wear that sorry excuse for a hairstyle than cut it all off and start fresh.
by FantaBlack October 20, 2015