Begining of the womb
Look at your cervix with a speculum
by karel69 July 17, 2005
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When a woman gets her vagina serviced at the gynecologist.
"Becky and I went to the gyno together today and got cervixed. It was well overdue; I smelled fishy." Doug P
by Dani Shells89 March 4, 2017
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Having a long enough penis that you impact the cervix during intercourse.
I'm hung so well I'm bustin' cervix every time I fuck a bitch
by MFn Connery July 23, 2012
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pumping so hard that the fella is pounding or "boxing" the cervix
He had my legs over his head and got to cervix boxing so hard I had to stop!
by Anonymous August 1, 2003
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The insertion of one's fist into a vagina until it meets resistance, whereby it unfurls to create a tickling motion against the cervix.
Guy1: "Oh my god dude! I gave this chick the cervix tickler on Saturday!"
Guy2: "M88888"
by Llama_Farmer March 31, 2015
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a penis or an object so big that either it feels like or the Cervix is really breaking, which in almost all cases is really bad
Tim: Hey You get some last night Jack?

Jack: Yeah I unleashed the Cervix Breaker on here and she started to moan loud as a fuck.
by Josh Staats April 22, 2008
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