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Arshia is the fucking best at everything, soon to be ruler of the world. Most Arshias are overly obsessed with their name. Arshias are also 100% persian.
Big booty bitch 1: Hey did you see that Arsh? I wanna suck his cock!

Arshia: Helll YEA!
by Arshmello March 30, 2011
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Arshia is a girls name. Who is smart. She is very pretty. And she gets mad easily. Who is also shy when it comes to making friends and only really talks to you if you say something to her first. You could tell her anything and she won't tell anyone and she will always have your back.
Random girl: Could you keep a secret?
Arshia: Sure, I promise I won't tell anyone I got you.
by Bright mind April 08, 2017
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A very sensitive and nice person. Arshia will always help everyone and will be ready to accept anything u say. Arshia is good at sports, dance and music, although she is shy. She is very smart and good in studies
Girl 1: hey! Is that Arshia?
Girl 2: oh yeah! That's Arshia! I need help from her in my homework

Girl 1: oh yeah, I need help from her too, for my science project
by Jcndnkemdnnd January 29, 2016
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