A giant simp and probably deals drugs.
Its a Pablo.
by Yesfireeee June 01, 2020
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A really smart Mexican that makes you think he is dumb until you get to know him.
Pablo “ what is 1 + 1”
Me “ 2”
Pablo “ well actually the quantum theorem proves that 1 is actually Equal to 1.0900010110191910 so 1+1 is 1.019273836372918272820283.”
by King Koconino April 06, 2020
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pablo is my old crush so when a pablo comes in ur life never let him go bc ur regret it ik i did. im in a difernt school rn typing this while my recent crush that broke my heart bc he has a girlfrienf just sitting here watching me type this but cant read what im typing (hopefully) and the guys name is we will just say uk what no his name is anthony costilla and i hope u wont see this one day pablo agulair and anthony costilla hes stiing across from me rn anthony is and its kind of weird cause he can see my computer so i should go byeee
bye pablo

im sorry pablo

see u soon pablo
via giphy
by mybbyjayden November 01, 2019
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A thinly rolled tobacco or cannabis cigarette; a joint
“Yo I don’t have much weed left, you tryina just hit the bowl?”
“Nah dood, I’ll just roll a Pablo”
by YoungMuzzy July 30, 2018
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Pablo is a boy who is amazing! He loves you for who you are! He has been heartbroken so he is very cautious but when he lets you in he is an amazing guy! He is so handsome and is always going to make you laugh and smile! He is so sweet and kind and generous. He has an amazing body too;) And when you get to know him girls, you'll fall in love with him. He is somewhat shy but when you are his girlfriend you're so lucky!
Girl 1:I like Pablo,i have him in my English class and he is so smart and so cute. He always gets my books for me too!

Girl 2:Danm he is hella cute! Go for it girl!!
by Kassie.Janeee November 27, 2018
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