A really awesome guy. You can depend on Pablo, as he is probably loaded.
That Pablo is one cool dude
by ThatGuyPablo January 19, 2021
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He is a sweet and caring guy, although he is quiet most of the time once he speaks he lights up the room with his intellect
by ToTheMoonAndBack May 14, 2015
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The act of getting a hand job from a girl you just met in a vehicle while driving in excess of 70 mph, and her brother is in the front seat.
Hey man, did you hit it last night?

No, but I got a Pablo though.
by recon_scout February 22, 2011
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A small joint for personal use, usually used routinely throughout the day. Comes from how Pablo Escobar used to smoke joints.
Hey I'm about to roll some pablos for tomorrow, see ya later.
by Imadethisforaword September 7, 2020
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My Minecraft Panda. He works with me in my black market shop.
he my pablo
by jordankooshy December 17, 2019
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My Kachigga that lived in a third world country near Mexico and got shot by boarder patrol when attempting to illegally cross the boarder.
Me: Yo Nigga, lets cross the boarder illegally and get out of this shithole

Pablo: ok Nigga

*crosses boarder, Pablo gets shot by boarder patrol*

by DarkDefinor December 3, 2018
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