1. That which is considered and established as a principle; hence, sometimes, a rule. not theories, but theorems, the intelligible products of contemplation, intellectual objects in the mind, and of and for the mind exclusively.
2. (math.) a statement of a principle to be demonstrated.
note: a theorem is something to be proved, and is thus distinguished from a problem, which is something to be solved. In analysis, the term is sometimes applied to a rule, especially a rule or statement of relations expressed in a formula or by symbols
1- By the theorems, which your polite and terser gallants practice, I re-refine the court, and civilize their barbarous natures.

2- the binomial theorem; Taylor's theorem.
by Silent Lake October 18, 2007
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The scientifically proven process of justifying any sound made in the world is truly "charts" masquerading as another sound. In other words every sound is actually the word "charts".
A hard slap of the face sounds just like CHART (according to the Charts Theorem).
by The Gosh Dang Bruin October 27, 2018
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The LXL Theorem is an advanced philosophical theorem used to differentiate texts from non texts. The LXL Theorem dictates that if one could disprove something's existence, then the non-text nature of the said item would be justified as something that does not exist could not possibly be a text. The theorem has received numerous critical acclaim due to its consistency, logical soundness and overall accuracy. Many other theorems have been derived from the LXL theorem, such as the Reverse LXL Theorem and the Inverse LXL Theorem.
"According to the LXL Theorem, this is not a text"
by anonymousurbandictionaryposter September 23, 2021
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"B" being the number of bowls smoked, "P" being the amount of people partaking in aforementioned smoke. Note that all bowls must satisfy MMBP(1) standards.

if "P" is greater than 4:
B is greater than or equal to 1/2(P)

if "P" is less than 4:
B is greater or equal to P

(1) MMBP: Max's Massive Bowl Protocol
Person 1: "Man im tired, we've smoked too much..."
Person 2, 3, 4 (simultaneously): " We have to keep smoking, we have not satisfied Chens theorem yet!
by That Classy Kid May 11, 2010
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when there is a mathematical problem and there is nearly no solution to solve the problem, yeet theorem may be useful as it ignores every mathematical rules and move the symbols in the equation easily. it may be used as a reference
Show that 3^2=9
Since 23 is the 9th prime number, 3^2=9 (yeet theorem)
by MarvellousAss January 14, 2020
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The concept that the triangle is the most powerful element
John: Hey what did we do in math today?
Willie: We learned about the Major Theorem.
by cb8812 February 28, 2017
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The most complex equation ever devised - so powerful that it can solve any problem, providing that the correct formulee is provided. In short, the mangolious theorem is capable of solving absolutely anything - and is the answer to all questions.
The mangolious theorem is so long and complicated, that only its creater can even begin to use it.
by Mangolious December 13, 2010
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