An amazing person. Not really a fighter, he is more of a lover. He is smart and respectful, and knows how to have fun. He is excellent in bed, and owns a pretty large penis. He can be handsome, or can be sometimes handsome. Pablo knows how to treat a woman ;)
There goes pablo! He is so cool!
by swagman74 March 30, 2015
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The act of getting a hand job from a girl you just met in a vehicle while driving in excess of 70 mph, and her brother is in the front seat.
Hey man, did you hit it last night?

No, but I got a Pablo though.
by recon_scout February 22, 2011
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Pablo is a balla he wears Jordan's, trackies and hoodies he doesn't give a fuck bout anyone he doesn't like he doesn't have time for just one hoe cause he fucks multiple bitches Pablo doesn't like the police or the government.
"Pablo is littt"
by Lil pab April 15, 2017
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He is a sweet and caring guy, although he is quiet most of the time once he speaks he lights up the room with his intellect
by ToTheMoonAndBack May 13, 2015
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1. Pablo is the result of a majestic dick and a majestic pussy joining together. That is why he got a majestic 50 meter long dick.

2. Pablo has a great personality and he is definitely da best.

3. Pablo is da best at sex.

4. The legend says that the world will end when Pablo gets the ultimate boner.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo can kick a ball 100 yards, Pablo can kick Cristiano Ronaldo 1000 Kilometres.

6. They say that they built the Donghai Bridgo using Pablo's dick to hold it.

7. The Eurotunnel was excavated by Pablo's dick.

8. Pablo is so hot, that the world is getting warmer and hotter.

9. When Pablo faps it starts to rain sperm.

10. Jack and the Beanstalk is the story of how a person climbed Pablo's dick when he got his first boner and they got to Jupiter, but they thought it was the clouds.
I think that we'll go to the moon climbing Pablo's dick.
by Pablo Da Best May 04, 2015
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