A giant simp and probably deals drugs.
Its a Pablo.
by Yesfireeee June 2, 2020
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Pablo is a drug lord
Person #1 Pablo sold me a pound of cocaine the other day.
Person#2 how much?
Person#1 For $69.
by x69_PussyMaster_69x January 25, 2021
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A guy that could go to any chick and just fuck her on the spot, a guy that deals quite a bit and isn't scared to get in trouble with the police. He's fucking amazing xx
Wow Pablo you're sexy as always today cc.
by pabzislife March 2, 2016
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Pablo is a short kid who is funny , smart , athletic and ,attractive. He is charming and funny but a dick when he wants to be. He is tough on the outside but kinda soft on the inside. Pablo hides his feelings but only with his really close ones will he really expresses himself. Pablo is one of a kind
That kid is so cute just like Pablo
by AWSOME123679 February 25, 2019
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A thinly rolled tobacco or cannabis cigarette; a joint
“Yo I don’t have much weed left, you tryina just hit the bowl?”
“Nah dood, I’ll just roll a Pablo”
by YoungMuzzy July 31, 2018
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