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A super-secret exclusive club for only the best people in the world. They are best friends and the bomb.
"Man did you see the Backyardigans today? They were looking fly...
by Annie Moss August 20, 2011
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A male who enjoys indulging in the act of any form of anal or booty play. Also know as a Fish, Fag, Kojo, Yo-Yo or a Dolce and GAYbana
Bill:"Yo Jamal why the hell does Michael Mesa always walk so


Jamal: "You aint know? that nigga is a suppppa a Backyardigan"
by jbr1293 January 31, 2012
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A children's show played on nickelodeon that makes a very sorry attempt at creating an image of equal representation for negroes, mexican'ts, and homo's.
Obama loves teaching young kids to watch the Backyardigans!...for obvious reasons.
by Tio Tony December 15, 2008
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A hot skanky girl you would probably hook up with but not take home to meet your mother. Someone who, if their name were entered in a public records search would probably have a long list of criminal charges, including burglary, solicitation, and welfare fraud. Could also apply to a "no-good" male.
That chic I met at the club was fun for last night, but I ain't takin that backyardigan to my grandma's birthday party next week. skank skeezer
by mimi's momma October 22, 2009
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A person who participates in activities usually involving horses or farm animals in the most backwards and also redneck, not socially accepted, common sense, way of doing things.
Brooke is such a backyardigan she could not figure out how to open a proper field gate and lead her pony in.
by Racchyyyy January 08, 2019
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