1. A person who is a wanna be gangster
2. A fake, whore, stupid slut, or anything along that line
that girl is trying too hard to be a whore, what a gagster.
by zargham December 2, 2006
gagsteris a gangster that gags on a glock not a cock
he anit a gangster his a gagster
by gatboippdude January 22, 2019
a smelly fart, a real killer, somewhat like a nerve gas followed by a nasty log turd or syrupy diarrhea. gives an uncontrollable gag.
Man, you dont want to use that washroom; Jorge just ate the rest of the enchaladas and threw a stainy gagster.
by carl camote September 25, 2006
Anything that performs oral sex is such a manner that there is a lot of salvia and gagging involved.
" Wow, look at all of that spit. Bob sure is one hell of a sloppy gagster."
by papiosphinx March 12, 2009