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Columbian Drug Kingpin, became a billionaire in the 1980's by selling Cocaine. Cultivated a Robin Hood image by donating generously to the Columbian poor, but mostly known as the richest drug dealer to ever have lived. When US. special forces, navy seals and the Columbian army moved on him, he was killed in the Largest man hunt in history, after evading the armed forces for years.
I'm wanted like Pablo Escobar
by veracity September 20, 2005
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The biggest colombian cocaine distributor of all time, know for ruthlessness. Named the 7th richest man by forbes magazine in his prime, and in general was a fuckin beast
They brought in a man in a chevy blazer, when he got out, Pablo got up and exceuted him and then asked me what i wanted for dinner.
by kyle April 04, 2005
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one of the most infamous drug lords of all time at height of his power he was the 7th richest man in the world. His legacy came to an end when a time consuming manhunt killed him in 1993 in his hometown of medllin,colombia.
Dude that guy has more coke then pablo escobar.
by el paisa flaco March 25, 2007
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when a woman is giving oral sex to a man and the man pulls out and cums in her nose and tells her to sniff it up like its cocaine.
lauren was giving me a blow job last night and i gave her a pablo escobar.
by chopper jones October 10, 2007
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A "pablo escobar" is when you are getting a blow job, and just before you cum , you pull out of her mouth and blow your load up her nose so when it leaks back out it looks like coke coming out of her nose.
Bob: Hey dude what happened with you and that girl you took home last night?
John: She turned out to be a real bitch so when she was blowing me I pulled out and gave her the pablo escobar!!!
by 400poundape October 17, 2010
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