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An abbreviation for "so much fun".

The antonym of FML.
Man: Where were you last night.

Man 2: I was at a karaoke bar. SMF.
by May 13, 2009
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"Suck My Flaps" - The female equivalent of telling someone to "Suck My D*ck!"
**Matt decides to be a wanker to Jana**
Jana: "Matt, S.M.F ! Suck my flaps!"
by TheLadyGrill January 20, 2019
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"shaking my fist"

an acronym to let someone know that you are shaking your fist in joking anger. This can be thought of as going along with the phrase "why, I oughta...."
give me back my damn ps3, you've "borrowed" it for 5 months. smf
by j. yee January 17, 2011
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Acronym for "Shake My Fist"

When something is so ludicrous that a simple shake of the head will not suffice. Geared towards actions that incite slight anger and/or annoyance.
GIRL 1: "Say whaaaaaaat? Did you hear that Arnold banged his maid, fathered her child the same week he had his own with Maria, AND took her along on family vacations? Shouldn't he just go DIAF?"

GIRL2: "Agreed. ROARRRR, SMF!!!!"
by guanva May 24, 2011
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