Nintendo's 8th generation handheld, created as the successor of the Nintendo DS line. The system features power that can produce graphics on-par with, or better than, the Nintendo Wii. It is also Nintendo's second attempt at 3D, the first attempt being the ill-fated Virtual Boy. The Nintendo 3DS is the first handheld device to feature glasses-free 3D.

Contrary to popular belief, the Nintendo 3DS will not cause damage to your vision, even with prolonged use. Parental controls should be used to disable the 3D effect for children under the age of 7, however, because their eyes are still developing.
Person A: *playing 3DS*
Person B: Can I see that?
Person A: Sure.
Person B: *looks at the 3D screen* Oh my god, everything's popping out of the screen! How can it be 3D without me wearing 3D glasses?
PersonA: Uhh.... a bunch of things only a nerd would understand. *laughs*
by TurboPikachu July 30, 2011
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One of Nintendo's 7th Generation Portable Games console which has 3 Dimensional capabilities such as taking 3d pictures and well as delivering 3D game footage. It is a work in progress as of today. (24th July 2010)
by will.I.AEM July 24, 2010
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Three Deep in the Sheets. Getting two girls on each side of you in the bed.
Yodel! I just got woke up after getting 3DS with two skeezers from Club CoConuts last night. I love my life.
by MrShasta July 21, 2010
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Nintendo 3DS, is the new DS which will have 3D-effect for the games.

As of, the graphics will likely be PS2/Wii no more than this.

It is said to cost 300$.

The 3D effect is supposed to be taken as a bonus not primarily for the games. Because gameplay matters.
3DS has PS2/Wii graphics and games seem to be pretty awesome, especially the new Dead or Alive!
by Anon12576343 November 4, 2010
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Three-dick sandwich. When someone can fit three dicks inside their mouth at once.
Did you hear? Jenny had a 3DS for dinner last night!
by Tarvu June 16, 2010
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Non-Nerd: should be %3D, not =!
Nerd: But that's what it is. %3D is = to =.

Non-Nerd: hAi Im sTuUpIiId!!!!111!!1!!
by Humanish September 30, 2020
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The best phrase to piss people off. End every line anyone says in a conversation with "in 3D" and they will be angry.
Person 1: I'm taking calculus for a second year.
Person 2: In 3d.
Person 1: Shut up.
Person 2: In 3d.
by Herohito October 11, 2011
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