this is Colombian slang for friend, buddy, bro. Conversely, it does not mean 'nigga' as was suggested by other definitions. The term is widely used throughout the country. Coining the term to signify 'nigga' is far to narrow a definition that ostensibly ostracizes 99% of the people that use it. The word is not used for just dark skinned people.
Qui hubo parce, que haces?- What's up man, what are you doing?
by Nacional23 May 20, 2013
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in colombia, specially in medellin, this is used as dude
quihubo parce
(hi dude)
by Danielv!!! October 27, 2005
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this is a colombian slang for nigga or friends..bro..etc. this is a only slang by YOUNG COLOMBIANS!!
"quivo parce como a estado...todo bien??"
by Daisy Franco April 22, 2005
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The definition of the word parce; comes from the real academy of spain diccionary!
parce;was a pass or a card that grammar teachers, used to give their students for use in case of faults;or warnings;etc this word its not currently used for that!...whem it comes to urban,if your street parce or parcero are the peoples that you give a pass knw your homies.

it passed to be a colombian slang, specially arround young people that defines your buddy; you homie,you nigga

some say that means "bed parnerts" but it really means "cell partners"(some one you give a pass to) the colombian slang when it comes tu urban...could mean,someone you smoke with,chill with,and commit crimes with.
como fue parce! mucha rumba?

cuidado con los tombos parcero!
by kamelion2009 May 06, 2009
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*It also means sexual partner(fuck body) in certain cases.
*someone you smoke with.
"entonces que parce cuando nos fumamos un cachito,perico,etc.."

"Si o no parce"

by lovemarce September 28, 2006
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When a close friend who considers himself incredibly intelligent attempts to humiliate you by claiming you don't know a common word in the English language, and then subsequently realizes that the word he described doesn't actually exist. This experience generally makes the individual feel like a real winner.
Chris McCall always tries to parce me with sayings like "my dad's a doctor, i think he knows better than you would, Ben." What he doesn't know is that his dad is actually a homeless person who I pay $3 a month to keep the fantasy alive.
by asdfasdfa January 08, 2008
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Colombian way of saying Homie, Buddy, Friend
Que mas parce?
What's up Parce?
Que mas parcerito?
Pilas Parce!
by Colombianchikis December 10, 2010
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